Toner 101

What is toner and do I really need it? Toner can be a confusing item because there are so many types of toners on the market and all seem to make a different claim. Basically toner is a light liquid based product meant to balance, hydrate, and nourish skin.

Historically toner was a critical step in skincare beauty routines as it was used to balance pH and restore moisture after cleansing with harsh soaps and chemical cleansers. Now our beauty options have expanded exponentially and harsh cleansers and soaps are mostly a thing of the past.

The main purpose of today’s toners is to nourish and replenish skin after cleansing. Using toner can make a significant difference in skin health and glow. A quick spritz of toner can quickly provide generous amounts of nutrients, antioxidants, aromatherapy, soothing agents, and important hydration replenishment.

FirFrank1080rgbInstagramI recommend using Brown Barn’s Fir and Frankincense Clarifying Aromatherapy Toner following cleansing to provide extra hydration before applying face oil, serum, or moisturizer. Simply spritz onto face and immediately follow with moisturizing product. Face Oil, Serum or Moisturizer will help lock in added moisture while the toner will assist in delivering moisturizing product nutrients deeply into the skin.

The best way to choose a toner is to look at the label. Toners should be 100% all natural and contain skin nourishing ingredients. Avoid toners containing harsh ingredients such as SD or denatured alcohol, witch hazel, fragrance oil, or other skin aggravating ingredients. Avoid toners containing fragrant extracts such as citrus fruit or rosewater as these can be harsh or irritating to skin. These toners are often referred to as “fresheners”. Opt instead for toners that are rich in skin nutrients and give back to your skin.

BIW1080ELiquid Moisturizer is another new toner-type product that may be worth considering. Botanic Elixir Liquid Moisturizing Mist is a lightweight, high performance, all natural liquid moisturizing mist with natural Hyaluronic Acid. It was designed with the intention to boost, refresh, and nourish skin while delivering plant-based nutrients. This product is hydrating like a moisturizer and boosted like a serum all wrapped up in a light toner-like formulation. While not technically a toner, a moisturizing mist can work great for those who are looking for a more highly formulated product, oily skin that just can’t take an added oil or cream, or can be used in addition to toner.

Brown Barn Skincare products were designed to provide an Aromatherapy boost in addition to all natural skin nutrients. Brown Barn toner can be used throughout the day as a refreshing and calming aromatherapy pick-me-up. Always shake toner before using. In addition to keeping a toner with my skincare products, I keep extras in my desk drawer and in my refrigerator for a cooling and refreshing aromatherapy facial mist when needed. Close eyes, spritz, and inhale deeply thru nostrils, exhale thru mouth for maximum aromatherapy benefit.


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