8 Uses for Toner

FirFrank1080rgbInstagramI love multi-duty products. For this reason I was sure to add an Aromatherapy element to each of the Brown Barn Botanicals Skincare product line. Fir & Frankincense Clarifying Aromatherapy Toner is one of the best products in the line for pulling extra duty!

Here are eight uses for Fir & Frankincense Clarifying Aromatherapy Toner:

  1. As a Toner! Use as instructed to bring added nutrients and antioxidants to your skin.
  2. As an Aromatherapy Mist. Frankincense extract and Fir leaf essential oil gently provide calming and soothing aromatherapy relief without being sweet or overpowering. Shake, spritz in the air, and inhale deeply or you can spray toward your face (close your eyes first!!!) and inhale deeply. Always inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth when using an Aromatherapy item to get full benefit.
  3. A very light spritz can tame light fly-away hair. First shake the bottle well to distribute the essential oil, then spritz onto fingertips and touch hair into place or you can try spritzing straight onto hair and combing thru or allowing to air dry as is. Everyone is different, so you may have to a try a few approaches to figure out which works best for you.
  4. As a moisturizer booster. Spritz on face (shake the bottle well and close your eyes before use!). Then apply moisturizer (or face oil or serum) directly to wet skin. Allow to air dry. The moisturizer/oil/serum will lock in the toner’s moisture.
  5.  As a “carrier” to enhance the performance of moisturizer or target product. The water base of toner will help carry the beneficial oils and other ingredients in your moisturizer or in spot treatment products more deeply into your skin so they can be more effective. This is why you often see a marked improvement for the rest of your products when adding toner to your skincare routine. If you don’t want to wet your entire face simply apply a bit of toner to your problem spots and then lock in with the problem targeting serum or oil of your choice.
  6. A cooling Foot Mist! Shake, spritz, put Your feet up on a towel and say “Ahhhh”.
  7. Body Mist (Yes!). Do you love the scent of Fir and Frankincense? Use as a body mist or perfume. You’ll need to reapply throughout the day because this is a water based product but the essential oils will remain after application, which will give you “scent”. (As always, shake before spritzing and close your eyes if you spritz near your face.)
  8. Pillow Mist. Fir & Frankincense is a wonderful blend to relax and soothe. What better way to drift off to sleep than with a bit of Aromatherapy on your pillow?Always check for colorfastness by spritzing on an unseen corner of the fabric you intend to use a mist on and always shake before using. Do not spritz where you lay your face, spray on the pillow ends instead to avoid irritation.
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