Facial Serum 101

What is a facial serum? Why do we need it? Do we need it?!!

Serums are liquid based facial items designed with ingredients that penetrate deeply into the skin and target specific skin issues your regular moisturizer does not. Serums can be built to target anything from acne to spots to scars to wrinkles. Of course we love serums at Brown Barn Botanicals, with Serum’s ability to boost your skincare routine who could not fall for their charms?

Brown Barn Botanicals facial serums are made using a base of light, skin-loving plant oil and seaweed, making Brown Barn serums perfect for adding much needed minerals that perfectly supplement the botanical bases used in the rest of your facial routine.

Brown Barn Botanicals Serums: 

Eye Serum Sea BuckthornSea Buckthorn Contouring Eye Serum is a concentrated, soothing and contouring all natural botanic ‘leave on’ mask meant to relieve puffiness and dark circles while smoothing fine lines and crow’s feet. It leaves the eye area with a matte finish, looking smooth and refreshed. This product is for all skin types, especially those seeking shelter from aging and environmental damage.

Cranberry & Honey Brightening Facial Serum acts as a brightening, tightening and toning serum. This serum acts as a daily “booster” serum and is infused with Honey, Lavender Essential Oil, and Cranberry Seed Oil. Our customers often refer to this facial serum as our “facelift in a bottle” because it immediately gives the feeling of lifting due to the honey extract used in the formulation. Cranberry seed oil brightens and lifts while protecting your skin from free radical damage.

Do I choose a facial serum or a moisturizer? Or both?

Brown Barn Botanicals facial and eye serums are designed to enhance moisturizer and oils by adding more vitamins and minerals to your facial program. Our serums are formulated with oils that work closely with those used in the rest of the Brown Barn Botanicals facial products. Because moisturizers are made from larger molecules than serums, moisturizers target the top layer(s) of skin while serum sinks in deeply to penetrate the lower layers. So the answer is you can use both for maximum effectiveness.

How is Serum used?

Brown Barn Botanicals serums are sold in small glass bottles with droppers or in a roll-on style.

If using a dropper bottle simply drop a tiny bit on fingertips and gently massage into skin using upward circular motions.

If the product arrives in a roller bottle simply roll onto the area you would like serum applied to. Store roller bottles “cap down” so that serum is readily available to the roller-ball. If you find your roller-ball has dried out, run the roller over the back of your hand until serum comes out of the roller. You may need to shake serum down toward the roller-ball if the bottle was not stored cap down. The best way to keep your rollerball active is to use your serum daily, as directed. Avoid getting product directly in eyes and only apply a light coat. You will need much less eye serum than you think you will need, a quick swipe will do.

CranberryHoneySerumThe key to working with Brown Barn Botanicals serums is to use a small amount, if you use too much your serum will flake and layer on top of your skin. A small amount truly goes a long way with Brown Barn products! Avoid getting product directly into eyes. We recommend using Brown Barn serums AM and PM following toner and before moisturizer. Follow with moisturizer.

Brown Barn Botanicals Cranberry & Honey Brightening Serum can also be used as a product booster for moisturizer and facial oil. Simply place a drop of serum on fingertips or in palm of hand and add a pump or dropper of oil. Mix gently with fingertips and apply directly to your face. Avoid getting directly into eyes.

Why do I need a separate product? Why don’t you just put the serum, moisturizer and oils all together into one product?

There are several reasons why your products are sold separately:

  • Not everyone needs every ingredient. By offering Brown Barn Botanicals skincare products in pieces our customers are able to tailor their skincare program to meet their unique skincare needs.
  • While all of our products interact together once on the skin, not all of the ingredients in every product will bind together properly into one single product. To bind this many ingredients naturally, constant stirring and shaking would be required, reducing the performance and overall effectiveness of all of the ingredients.
  • To keep our Skincare oils free of water. Some of our customers prefer not to use preservatives or emulsifiers and to opt instead for infused oils. By keeping products separate we are able to offer this pure oil option.
  • Cost. If we were to combine all of our ingredients into one large bundle the price would be over $100 per ounce. We want to keep Brown Barn Botanicals Skincare products within reach for all of our customers, which means breaking the line down into smaller, more affordable pieces.




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