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7 Hacks for All Natural Salve

“Have you told your customers about this?!!”, my 85 year old mother exclaimed on my daughter’s wedding day. I had used a touch of Brown Barn Botanicals all natural salve to slick some fly-away strands into place for her.

I am Christine Untiedt, founder of Brown Barn Botanicals. Brown Barn Botanicals specializes in small batch and handmade cosmetic manufacturing. We grow our own botanicals and infuse them into the oils we use in formulating our products, making us a uniquely farm-to-lab company.

salve cat picSalves are beauty pantry staples that we all have but often give little thought to. Most are all natural and made using a combination of beeswax and oil to form a sticky paste-like carrier base for essential and beneficial liquid oils. Many salves are made with a specific mission in mind – to help with bee stings, clear nasal passages, calm baby bottom, soothe aching joints, address skin issues, or act as a lotion. But did you know salve can be used in other ways?

All natural salve can also…

  1. Be used as a lip balm. Just smear a bit on and smile! (Want some color? Mix dry pigments from eye shadow or blush with a bit of salve to make your own colored lip shine.)
  2. Be used as a hair balm or touch of pomade to tame stubborn strands.
  3. Be used as a sleep aide. Apply lavender salve around nostrils and to wrists or hands at bedtime and let Lavender essential oil lull you to sleep.
  4. Be used to tame eyebrows. Slick a little on (blot off excess) and smooth into place.
  5. Be used to remove really tough make-up. Slather a bit on and wipe off with a cotton pad (avoid getting salve into eyes!)
  6. Be used to smooth crazy rough skin. Just apply a bit and massage in regularly to smooth elbows, knees, scrapes and other rough skin.
  7. Be used as cuticle balm when you are out of the good stuff.

Salves are often overlooked as beauty staples but their many uses give them a deserving place in any make-up kit, handbag, or duffle. Opt for all natural formulations and you are ready for anything!

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All Natural Lavender Salve
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