Do I need to wash my face? Cleanser 101

I’m always surprised at how often I hear customers say, “I never wash my face.”

Cleanser is one of the work horses of your skincare routine. Whether you have problem skin or luminous skin, washing your face with a well matched cleanser is a must.

Why wash your face?

  1. It’s dirty. Even if you cannot see physical dirt on your skin…trust me….it’s dirty. The world is full of bacteria, viruses and pollutants. Your skin flakes off dead skin cells. If you don’t wash your face daily (we recommend washing your face twice daily – morning and night), debris will pile up on your skin.
  2. Your face emits oil and sweat. Again, this will pile up on your skin causing break-outs and other skin eruptions if not swept away daily.
  3. Your skin needs hydration. Washing your face removes the build-up of debris and oil so water can reach the healthy fresh skin underneath.
  4. Your body produces sebum – oil that travels outward to the exterior of your skin where it spreads out and produces a protective mantle or barrier on your skin. When you do not wash regularly sebum mixes with bacteria and debris, causing a back-up in the pores which can lead to acne and break-outs. When you wash you clear the way for a new layer of lipid armor to build up on the skin unimpeded.

How cold or hot should the water be when you wash your face?

Cleanser 1080x1080.jpgThere are many theories on this topic. The best rule of thumb is to use mildly warm to cold water. Many of our customers tell me they use very hot water to wash their face. This is not a good practice as it can strip the layer of “good” oil from your skin. Warm to cold water will work effectively to remove debris and bacteria without stripping your skin of its important protective natural oils. Too hot of water can cause scalding, dilate vessels and cause irritation. It can also cause a flare up if you suffer from Rosacea.

What should you use to wash your face?

There are so many choices! Which one is for you? Often we find our customers are using too harsh of products and chemicals to wash. Customers often think like “if a little soap is good a lot will be great”. Not so. You want to use something gentle that will not strip the important sebum/lipid mantle but you also want something effective enough to remove bacteria and debris.

Choose a cleanser to match your skin type:


Sensitive Skin: This skin type has special needs for one reason or another. We recommend a gentle, all natural cleanser such as Brown Barn Botanicals Willow & Iris Gentle Purifying Cleanser .

Elderly Skin: Elderly skin has special needs because as we age our skin thins. Gentle cleansing is best. (See Willow & Iris Gentle Purifying Cleanser.)

“Average” Skin: You can use anything we have you lucky soul!


Acne Prone/Oily Skin: Many oily skin cleansers rely on harsh chemicals or alcohol to break down oil, these types of harsh cleansers should be avoided as they can cause a great amount of damage. Brown Barn’s Deep Cleansing Facial BarĀ is a favorite of our staff and customers. It’s a solid Goat Milk bar made with French Green Clay and infused with antiseptic Willow Bark, Peppermint essential oil and Tea Tree essential oil. What I like best about this bar is the clay. You can foam it up and leave on for a few minutes to dry. The gentle clay will help pull debris and toxins from deep within your pores. Then just rinse off. This bar is gentle enough to use daily in this way. Like a mini-mask.

What about washing tools like spinning brushes?

I do not use mechanical tools myself but we do have customers who just love them! If you decide to try a new tool always spot test first and be extra careful around tender eye areas. Our customers report that Brown Barn products all work well with these tools.

Facial Wash is one of the basic work horses of your skincare routine. If you do nothing else, at least wash your face daily with a good Cleanser meant for your skin type.

Tea Tree & Rosemary Deep Cleansing Goat’s Milk Facial Bar
Willow & Iris Gentle Purifying Cleanser


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