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Chamomile: A Skincare Super Herb

Chamomile flowers on sky backgroundChamomile could easily be referred to as a “Super Herb” as it is one of the best all natural ingredients you can find for soothing skin irritations, calming skin conditions such as dermatitis, relaxing at the end of a stressful day, and helping to support a variety of other skin and body needs. And of course we are all familiar with the use of Chamomile tea for reducing anxiety and encouraging relaxation.

When used in skincare products, it is especially beneficial for sensitive skin and for use with children and babies, making it ideal for facial products, balms, salves, and bath products like bath bombs and bath oil.


Chamomile has a long history in herbalism for use with skin conditions, emotional relief, and herbal medicine. Chamomile is loaded with skin loving constituents. Promising research has shown Chamomile to be comparable to Cortisone cream in effectively addressing skin conditions.

It is loaded with compounds that are especially known for being anti-inflammatory. This means it can help with reducing redness and swelling, making it desirable for any all natural skincare program addressing acne or irritating skin conditions. For this reason, Chamomile is used in many Brown Barn Botanicals products.

How is it produced and used?

Chamomile has a warm, herbaceous scent that is often compared to apples. It is available in essential oil or as an oil infusion – both are good depending on what your intended use is.

Chamomile for skin care is typically sourced from two varieties – Roman Chamomile or German Chamomile. Roman and German Chamomile have similar constituents but are different in how they grow and harvest.

Brown Barn Botanicals is one of a very small number of American companies that actually grow, harvest, dry, infuse, and formulate their own botanicals from seed to final product. At Brown Barn Botanicals we grow German Chamomile for use in an oil infusion that is then used in many of our products.

Other companies make use of infused oil or they turn to Chamomile essential oil to impart Chamomile to their products. Brown Barn Botanicals includes German Chamomile essential oil in some of its products when a more pronounced anti-inflammatory effect is desired.

Chamomile Beds
The 2017 Chamomile beds at the Brown Barn Botanicals farm in Abbotsford, Wisconsin.

At Brown Barn Botanicals we grow German Chamomile because it is self-sowing and performs better in our northern Wisconsin zone 4 climate. We also love pairing it with the deep blue German Chamomile essential oil for supported skin service.

Our plants are about two feet tall with ferny leaves and are simply covered in small white petaled flowers with yellow centers. The bees adore our Chamomile which sometimes makes harvesting a challenge!

Once the flowers have been harvested they are transported to our vintage glass greenhouse where they are laid out to dry on long tables with cloth underneath. The bottom cloth allows air to circulate but prevents any petals from dropping thru to the floor. It is important to dry herbs before infusing them so as to remove any trace of water, which may breed mold or bacteria during the infusion process. Snugly laid out in the greenhouse, the chamomile flowers are left to dry under a white shade canopy for up to three weeks. The shade canopy protects the plants from getting too hot and scorching.

Plants drying in the glasshouse.
Chamomile, Calendula, and Lemon Balm drying under white cloth in the glasshouse.

After they have completely dried, the flowers are packaged in air tight containers or immediately infused in Organic Wisconsin grown and cold pressed Sunflower Oil. During this phase glass containers are filled with the botanicals we select for a particular product and then covered in oil.

Which botanicals are used in an infusion depends on the products that oil will be used for. Sometimes we make an infusion of only Chamomile and sometimes we mix a wide variety of plants to infuse in the oil.

When filled, the glass infusion container is placed back in the glasshouse where it is gently heated from the sun. The heat causes the oil to warm which in turn warms the plant material. The warmed plant material gently releases and draws out oils from the plants which then bind with the Sunflower base oil.

Once the infusion process is completed, the infused oil is transported to the Brown Barn Botanicals lab in Holcombe, Wisconsin where it is used in a variety of products ranging from facial skincare to bath bombs to body oil and more.

Chamomile Benefits Summarized:

1) Anti-inflammatory, helping to reduce inflammation and redness in sensitive and acne prone skin types.

2) Anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, antioxidant.

3) Disinfectant, making it excellent for healing minor skin wounds.

4) Antioxidant, helping to battle damage from free radicals caused by environmental damage and aging.

5) Naturally lightens skin, promoting a healthy glow while healing and restoring natural moisture content.

6) Naturally emollient, meaning that it can ready skin to allow nutrients from other ingredients to skin in more deeply and be more effective.

7) Gentle. Simply put, Chamomile is gentle and easy on skin, providing natural relief without fear of chemicals for side effects.

8) Relieves Anxiety

9) Anti-Spasmodic, known for relieving muscle cramps and relaxing tired and sore muscles when applied topically or drank in a tea.

A genuine “Super Herb”, Chamomile will help your skin (and you) feel calmer and less stressed. It works great in oil applications and bath treatments. Pair a Chamomile infused bath product with cup of Chamomile tea in the evening to relax and wash away the stress of the day.

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