Bath & Body

Beat Stress with a Bath

A hot bath at the end of a hectic day can go a long day toward easing stress and promoting important deep sleep. Here is my favorite routine for ending the day on a positive note and relaxing into a deep and full night’s rest.

violet moon botanic 1080Prepare your bath space with candles, a hot bath, and all natural “Violet Moon” bath products from Brown Barn Botanicals made with relaxing, therapeutic grade Lavender essential oil. I especially like to use all natural Lavender scented “Violet Moon” Dead Sea Salts, Sugar Scrub, and matching “Violet Moon” Lavender Body Oil in combination during an evening bath.

If you opt to use another company’s products be sure to read their label carefully. For Lavender to work as a sleep assistant it must be in products made with pure, therapeutic grade lavender essential oil. If the label says “Fragrance Oil” then skip that product – fragrance oil is a synthetic, man made scent that has no aromatherapy constituents. Only pure, authentic, plant made Lavender essential oil will do for this routine.

bath bombs on tray
Every all natural Brown Barn bath bomb is handmade by us in our own lab in Holcombe, Wisconsin.

I absolutely love to add bath bombs to my bath, even when using bath salts or bath oil. But I do not just grab a scented bath bomb and toss it in the tub. During stressful times I opt for Brown Barn Botanical’s “Body Bombs”. These are bath bombs for grown ups. They are large sized and carefully formulated to address specific needs such as stress or muscle relief. Each of these bath bombs was formulated and their ingredients hand curated by me (I am a nationally certified Holistic Aromatherapist). See each Body Bomb description to know which Body Bomb best fits your needs. You can find them HERE.

I layer my tub with product – salts, bath oil, bath bomb, then use sugar scrub, and matching all natural bar soap to compliment. Layering will result in a bath that is not just fragrant – it will have oils, minerals, antioxidants, and water conditioners meant to help you relax, detox, and de-stress.

Lavender SalveFollowing a warm, relaxing bath I recommend using a bit of Lavender Salve round your nostrils to allow you to continue breathing in the relaxing scent of Lavender Essential Oil. Add a bit to your hands so that every time your hand passes your face during sleep you receive another whiff of Lavender.

Spend at least an hour prior to crawling into bed relaxing to quiet music or with a good book. If you have an electric blanket, turn it on well before getting into bed so that you are entering warm sheets.

For added relaxation try¬†meditating for ten minutes. Picture yourself in a favorite location such as the beach or forest. Once you are completely relaxed drift off to a great night’s sleep!

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