Choosing and Using Moisturizer

We’ve all heard it, Moisturizer is a must have. Or is it?

Simply put, Moisturizer is a lotion for the face. It is made just like body lotion however Moisturizer’s ingredients are selected to address specific skin types such as aging or oily skin.

adobestock_87731258.jpegAt Brown Barn Botanicals we recommend moisturizer as an option for everyone. We don’t view it as a necessity for every customer because within our line we also have moisturizing facial oils to choose from. Those seeking fast results for fine lines and deep tissue change we point toward our Age-Defying Moisturizer Trio. Our customers can choose one or the other or a combination of products to meet their skincare needs.

Moisturizers should be the last item applied in your skincare routine and can be used both AM and PM. A benefit of Moisturizer as an end cap to your skincare routine is that moisturizer can work to seal in all of the ingredients used in your skincare routine. Depending on the formula, a good moisturizer will also add beneficial ingredients to your program, such as added super moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid and collagen boosting Peptides.

Herbal Medicine

The key to choosing the right moisturizer for your skin type is in its ingredients and in choosing complementary Face Oils or Serums that specifically target your unique skincare needs. Look for all natural moisturizers that do not contain parabens, fragrance oil, phenoexthanol, petroleum, or chemicals. It should be made without heavy wax – that would include beeswax or synthetic emulsifying wax. Brown Barn Botanicals uses a lighter all natural emulsifier that pulls double duty as a skin conditioner and emulsifier.

When choosing moisturizer, many of our aging customers reach for heavy cream thinking more is better. This is not necessarily true. The ingredients in your facial products should be where your attention is focused, not how creamy or heavy your moisturizer is. Today’s skincare formulations no longer depend on heavy butters and oils to make skin feel supple and smooth. Modern research and ready access to ingredients has allowed formulations to evolve into light, easy to use products.

primroseoakcloseup2I personally opt for a light moisturizer in the AM and add face oil and serum to make the perfect combination for my skincare needs. In the evening I now use our new heavier, Rose Hip & Shea Age Defying Complex Creme. This way I can adjust the items I use based on the seasons, my changing skin, and also take advantage of the added age defying ingredients in our new moisturizer complexes.

Many of our customers with oily skin tend to avoid moisturizers or face oils. By starving skin of oil in an effort to reduce facial oil production we send our body the message that oil is needed, causing the body to produce more oil, which can result in break-outs and other skin issues. The perfect Catch-22 is created – the more you avoid oil, the more your body makes.

The truth is applying oil or moisturizer to an oily face over time will give skin the message that there is no need to continue producing so much oil, telling skin to back off on oil production. The correct moisturizer for oily skin type will actually work to control sebum production and over time will reduce the body’s need to “over produce” oil.

If you are nervous about trying a heavy moisturizer on oily skin consider trying Brown Barn Botanicals new extremely light liquid mist moisturizer. Hydrating Botanic Elixir, made with Hyaluronic acid to attract and hold water to skin, is simply spritzed on face after cleansing. It can be used with or in place of toner. It was designed to act as support for the serums, face oils, and moisturizers that follow but is also a great stand-alone product for those who are seeking just a small boost or looking to get their feet wet in trialing moisturizer on oily skin.

Oil 1080x1080Another type of Moisturizer that can be confusing to customers is “Face Oil”. Face Oil is straight oil with added essential oils and plant extracts. Face Oil is my personal choice and the only moisturizer I use. That said, I am fifty-five years old with the classic “T” zone of dry and oily areas on my face, and I rarely wear make-up. Customers can choose to use just Moisturizer, just Face Oil, or a combination of the two to achieve their moisturizing goals.

Brown Barn moisturizer is made of oils and botanical infusions bonded with Aloe Vera water for hydrating and essential oils for skin conditioning. Many of our customers who use moisturizer and face oil in combination tell us they love the matte finish Brown Barn Botanicals moisturizer gives their make-up.

PrimroseOakFlower350Brown Barn’s Primrose & Oak Daily Defense Moisturizer is very light but very effective general purpose moisturizer for fighting the effects of aging, environmental damage, and for use with oily skin, especially when paired with serums and facial oil meant to customize their skincare program (this is why you will find more Face Oil choices in our line than “moisturizer” choices).

A new addition to our line is a trio of highly formulated moisturizers that are meant to integrate into any skincare routine with added age-defying elements – we refer to this as our Age Defying Trio but all of the elements can be purchased separately. This trio is formulated with all natural anti-aging ingredient complexes that work at a deep cellular level to soften and firm.

Whether used alone or in conjunction with Face Oil or Serums, Moisturizer is a wonderful addition to any skincare program.




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