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Vertically Integrated Skincare

Brown Barn Botanicals began in 2007 with a common vision.

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The Vision.

When we developed Brown Barn Botanicals, my daughter, Alyssa Van Doorn (Brown Barn’s formulator and skincare line founder) and I shared a common vision of a company whose products were made from truly farm-based ingredients, formulated and manufactured step-by-step in our own facilities and made with organic cultivated botanicals originating from seed to completion at our own farm. We wanted to personally live a healthy lifestyle and we wanted a life of service, making products that were truly beneficial to others while making as small an environmental footprint as possible.

In particular, Alyssa, with her newly minted Bachelor degree in Biology and Wildlife Management, wanted to raise awareness to environmental issues and raise our customers personal appreciation for their immediate environment.

What is “Vertically Integrated”?

Soap base 1 (1 of 1)We didn’t know it at the time, but the business model we’d envisioned was what is referred to as “Vertically Integrated”. This means Brown Barn produces at least some of its own ingredients, manufactures its own products including bottling and labeling, and then goes on to brand, market, and distribute their products. As much happens “in house” as possible.

What aspects of Brown Barn Botanicals are Vertically Integrated?

While Brown Barn cannot possibly contain every single element of its business in house, we do manage to carry a lot of the elements. The Brown Barn Team is made up of myself, Alyssa, my husband, and our employees. Here are all of the pieces of Brown Barn that are currently conducted in-house by our team:

  1. Product and Manufacturing Research and Development – from cultivation techniques to lab practices to product formulation, it is all done in house.
  2. Funding – Brown Barn is owned and funded entirely by us – there are no outside investors or larger corporation telling us how to run our business.
  3. Product formulation – Brown Barn formulations are our own, they cannot be found under any other brand name.
  4. Securing Ingredients – Ingredients we cannot grow ourselves are secured by us to ensure they are of the best possible quality and come from reputable business people. This is one of the benefits of our products not being made by an outside lab – we control every part of what goes into Brown Barn Botanicals products.
  5. Growing and harvesting our own Botanicals at the Brown Barn Botanicals farm in Abbotsford, Wisconsin ensure customers get plant material that is true to name, has been thoroughly researched, and that only the finest leaves are used in our extracts.
  6. Design – All label design, packaging, photo shoot direction, and modeling is conducted by us or we work personally with the professional photographers and designers who help bring our vision to life.
  7. Marketing – All customer support, wholesaling, websites, blogs, social media posts, posters, signage, and more is created and posted by the Brown Barn Team.
  8. Shipping and Distribution – from our door to your hands.

What does this mean for Customers and their products?

ElderCalendulaFaceOil1080The benefit of Vertical Integration to our skincare products is that the Brown Barn Botanicals team has control over every aspect of manufacturing and delivery including formulating, quality, production, design, finishing, marketing, and order fulfillment.

It means you get our personal best and it means we have 100% control over what goes into our products. We are not relying on a large manufacturing facility to tell us what our customers will get – it means you get what we intend – honest, 100% natural products made with the highest possible quality ingredients.

It also means you get the benefit of years of experience, knowledge, education, and good old-fashioned hard work. It means you get plant extracts that are exactly what we say they are – no weeds, inferior leaf quality, or stagnant materials. You get as fresh and superior of botanical ingredients as we could possibly produce.

Our deep level of involvement in every aspect of our company ensures that Brown Barn Botanicals products meet the high corporate standards and expectations Alyssa and I set out to achieve. It also allows our customers access to information and personalization that is rare in today’s marketplace. If our Team can’t answer your question, certainly Alyssa or I can.

Having our fingers in every aspect of production requires a commitment to continual learning, a lot of coordinated planning, and a deep understanding of every aspect of what is involved in making our products and running our business.

Do you get our personal satisfaction guarantee? Yes. We want our customers to have products that work for their skin type and lifestyle. Like anything else – not every product is a perfect fit – but we do have a lot of happy customers and that tells us we’re on the right track.

Brown Barn Botanicals recent move to online-only sales has allowed us to extend our Satisfaction Guarantee to all products. This also means we, as formulators and growers, are on hand to personally respond to questions when necessary.

You can always reach the Brown Barn Team at or by calling (715) 310-4055. We’ll do our best to get back to you quickly and to answer your questions.

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