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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

I know I say this every single November – a year sure flies by fast!

As Owner/Founder of Brown Barn Botanicals, it is my pleasure to write the annual Brown Barn Botanicals Holiday Gift Guide blog.

Overall I’d have to say that 2017 has definitely been a “Green” year across the board. Consumer awareness of healthy, green living choices is at an all time high making all natural personal care products a great and timely choice.

For this year’s Gift Guide I turned to our sales reports to see what the 2017 best sellers were and also asked our Brown Barn Botanicals Sales Manager and Brown Barn Botanicals Formulator for their gift giving favorites.

Matching Gifts to Needs:

First, some suggestions based on my personal experience and the type of person you are gifting. If the person you are gifting has:

violet moon group 1080 2Sensitive Skin or Scent Sensitivity: Choose products that are made with no scent or simple scents to avoid skin irritation or for that person who just cannot take any scent. Gentle essential oil blends like Violet Moon (Lavender) or Woodland Blossom (Neroli Bergamot) are great choices for sensitive skin. For the super sensitive or the “scent sensitive” we recommend unscented items from our Glacial Drift (Unscented) product collection.

If you are looking for facial products as a gift for sensitive skin our first recommendation is – STOP – the demands of this skin type make it very difficult to gift facial products. Although Brown Barn has a 100% satisfaction guarantee we prefer you not guess and risk a return as it is Brown Barn’s policy to destroy all returned products to contain contamination risk.

In this case we’d rather miss the sale than have a sad gift recipient contact us to return a well-meaning gift. Opt instead for body products or gift a Virtual Gift Card so they can choose their own products. When gifting a virtual gift card ALWAYS follow up with the recipient to make sure they are aware they received an emailed card and that it is not sitting in their Spam folder.

Meadow Sunrise 8oz Salts 1 (1 of 1)Elderly Skin: Skin thins as we age, which puts tender Elderly skin in the same category as “Sensitive Skin”.

Reach again for gentle blends. Also consider the difficulties faced by an Elderly person as they enter and exit the bath. Avoid oil based products like bath bombs or body scrub, which may make the tub slippery to exit or be harsh for tender Elderly skin. Opt instead for our therapeutic grade Bath Salts. Bath Salts can be used in the bath or as a relaxing foot soak.

Another interesting aspect of purchasing for an Elderly person is that sometimes their sense of smell is diminished. Items such as Aromatherapy Roll Ons may not be fully appreciated. Gifts like bar soap and salves are a better choice and are popular with our Elderly customers.

Glacial Drift 1080 1WA Love of Essential Oils: I’m not talking about people who love natural smelling products here (those people will love anything from Brown Barn) – I’m talking about your Essential Oil collector/lover/Evangelist. That person who seems to have an essential oil for every moment. The collector with a large stack of tiny bottles who cannot find enough ways to use them.

Brown Barn Botanicals Unscented “Glacial Drift” products were designed with this person in mind. A gift of Brown Barn’s unscented yet gorgeously formulated body products is like candy to someone who has the ability to blend their own scents.

Because Brown Barn Botanicals grows and infuses most of its own botanicals it is not possible for someone to simply “make their own” and have them result in a product on a par with Brown Barn Botanicals products. A gift of unscented luxury bases to use with their own essential oil favorites is a very thoughtful gift and recognizes the essential oil lover’s knowledge and skill. I especially like to gift unscented Glacial Drift body oil, sugar scrub, and bath bombs for these friends.

A Desire for EVERYTHING: I would be amiss if I did not point out this year’s selection of Gift Boxes. We devised a variety of gift sets this year to allow for a sampling of Brown Barn Botanicals products in small sizes to allow for more variety at a reasonable price. Pick from a bath bomb collection, body care collection, pocket mist trios, or skincare sets. Shop early for Gift Boxes as quantities are limited.

Gift Boxes 1200x630

Brown Barn Botanicals 2017 Favorites:

In 2017 Brown Barn Botanicals top selling products were our fine line of facial skincare products. This is no surprise, Brown Barn Botanicals fabulous small batch skincare products are among the best products in the Green Marketplace.

Made with botanicals grown at the Brown Barn Botanicals farm, manufactured in our own Green Lab, and formulated by our own Biologist and Clinical Aromatherapist, Brown Barn Skincare has risen to be our top selling line. Top quality, advanced Green Lab formulations paired with low tech labeling and bottles allow us to keep prices lower than competitors who are charging up to five times for similar skincare products of lesser quality than Brown Barn Botanicals.

Handsome man with valentines gift box.As mentioned above, we do not recommend purchasing facial products for anyone unless you know for sure that they use Brown Barn Botanicals skincare products. Even then, confirm which of our line products they use or would like to receive. We recommend a virtual Gift Card first for skincare gifting so the recipient can choose their own products.

If you prefer a physical gift but are stumped as to what to purchase we recommend contacting our Customer Care specialist, Lizzie Paulson. Lizzie is excellent at making recommendations and is on hand to help you this shopping season via email at or calling (715) 310-4055.

After skincare, best sellers were Bar Soap, Lip Oils, and our Natural Deodorant. A gift set of one of each of these items or a collection would be perfect for anyone!

Our Personal Picks:

I asked Lizzie, Brown Barn Sales Manager, and Alyssa, Brown Barn Formulator, to join me in sharing our favorite “go to” gifts:

Lizzie Paulson, Brown Barn Sales Manager:

Lizzie E 2000
Lizzie Paulson, Brown Barn Sales Manager

“I like to make my own purse packs. Lip oil, aromatherapy roll-on, salve…a little of everything for a smaller budget.”

Brown Barn Botanicals all natural berry flavored lip oils have been super popular since they were introduced in September and make a great gift!





Alyssa Van Doorn, Brown Barn Formulator and Clinical Aromatherapist:

Instagram 1080 3
Alyssa Van Doorn, Brown Barn Formulator and Aromatherapist.

“I reach for All Natural Bar Soaps paired with a mesh soap saver and any of Brown Barn Botanicals Sugar Scrubs for gifting. They are great gifts for women and men so work well as “couple” gifts with a bottle of wine.”

A mesh soap saver is a great add-on, making bar soap easier to use in the shower or tub and providing added exfoliation.

A bottle of wine, some bath salts, bath bombs, and body oil are an excellent relaxing and pampering “Couples” gift!


Me (Chris Untiedt) Brown Barn Botanicals Owner:

Chris E 1080
Christine Untiedt, Founder, Brown Barn Botanicals

In the interest of being 100% transparent, I’m going to COMPLETELY contradict myself and say I gift Facial Skincare products! I know, I know – I just told you (twice!) not to do this but do as I say, not as I do.

Being the owner of our company I take a bit of license for those people I KNOW will appreciate the gift and who I can definitely match a product to. My favorites to gift are any of the Brown Barn Botanicals Face Oils, I love to give the entire collection of 3 face oils. They make a pretty presentation in a small gift box.

FacialOil1080Botanical Face Oils are Brown Barn Botanicals specialty items and products I, as company herbalist, have a direct hand in the production of. This makes them personal and special for me to gift. They are also literally NEVER returned! So – that said – if you are just dying to share one of Brown Barn’s most unique and valued products for the holidays, I’d have to recommend Winter Forest Facial Oil.

My second choice is to gift Body Oil. After struggling with gastro-intestinal issues and Fibromyalgia for the last twenty years I’ve really come to appreciate products with no emulsifier or preservatives. I’ve been trying to teach my loved ones about the benefits of switching to pure Body Oil by gifting it judiciously this year.


I hope we were able to inspire some fresh ideas for your gift giving this year. Above all, I sincerely hope you remember to gift yourself as well as those you love.

Take time to relax, treat your body to some relaxing oil, massage your feet, soothe your senses. Stealing a moment away for yourself will help you to refill the well so you can full enjoy and be “present” during the Holidays.

We are more than happy to assist you in your holiday shopping, please feel free to reach out with questions or for gifting suggestions to or call us at (715) 310-4055.

On behalf of everyone at Brown Barn Botanicals, we hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season!

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