Embracing the Seasons of Skincare

Fall is here and with it colorful leaves, brisk winds, excitement over the coming holidays, and a change in the air. Summer’s warmth and humidity has left us with cool, dry air. While you may welcome the escape from Summer heat, your skin is not enjoying the drier air and the effect home heating sources.

Instagram Green Beauty in WinterDepending on where you live, you may find you need to change your skincare routine up to three times a year in order to keep up with environmental changes. Keeping your skin healthy requires year-round maintenance. Cold weather and lower humidity can cause chapping, cracking, and skin irritation.

Just like your wardrobe, you need to change your skincare pieces to suit the season. Everyone is different, the more you can personalize your skincare routine the more effective it will be.

Quick and easy switch ups you can make to your routine include adjusting how you cleanse, adding some boosters to your regular routine, and changing to products made with heavier oils or creams.

Adjust how you Cleanse:

In the Fall and Winter our skin naturally tends to be drier. In an effort to keep skin from drying out it may be tempting to skip washing your face. If you suffer from dry winter skin switch to only washing your face in the evening to wash off the day’s grime and makeup.

Unless you suffer from acne or other break-outs, simply rinse with water in the morning as your face is not typically exposed to much debris while you sleep. When practicing a once daily wash routine it is very important that you use clean pillowcases to further ensure your face stays clean while you sleep.

When washing in the winter be sure to use a warm water wash and a cool rinse. A cool rinse constricts blood vessels, calms the skin, and it won’t carry off any oil or moisturizer left over from your facial wash.

InstagramWillowIris200x1080x1080-2Be sure to use an alcohol free cleanser that does not include drying sulfates. Opt for a Brown Barn Botanicals hydrating Willow & Iris Gentle Purifying Cleanser instead.

Follow up with toner to maintain pH balance and for added hydration. Choose a toner that has added essential oil such as Brown Barn Botanicals Fir & Frankincense Clarifying Aromatherapy Toner or go one level higher with a liquid moisturizing mist engineered with natural Hyaluronic Acid to hold moisture to cells with our Botanic Elixir.

We recommend adding Brown Barn’s Rose Hip & Red Currant Sugar Hydrating Facial Scrub up to three times weekly in the winter. This scrub is loaded with oil and will help keep winter skin soft, protected, and hydrated by removing dead skin cells and leaving
behind a protective layer of rich oil.

Customize your care with Face Oils and Serums:

Facial Serums and Oils are added extras to your basic routine that can bring big benefits and allow for a completely customized facial care system.

CranberryHoneySerumSerums are liquid based facial items designed with ingredients that penetrate deeply into skin to target specific skin issues your regular moisturizer does not. Serums can be built to target anything from acne to spots to scars to wrinkles.

Brown Barn Botancials facial and eye serums are designed to enhance Brown Barn Botanicals moisturizers and oils by adding more minerals to your facial program as well as focusing on oils that work closely with those used in the rest of our facial products.

These serums are made using a base of seaweed, making Brown Barn serums perfect for adding much needed minerals to your facial routine that perfectly supplements the botanical bases used in the rest of our line.

FacialOilTrio1080Brown Barn Botanicals Facial Oils are straight oil blends that are infused with essential oils and botanical infusions specifically selected to address skin issues. Brown Barn Botanicals facial oil is made using a solar infusion method in a centuries old process. A hand picked selection of organic, wildcrafted, or organically grown botanicals are infused into a base oil or combination of base oils with added essential oils designed to target skin issues such as fine lines and age spots.

Your unique skincare needs will determine whether you use serum or oil or both as part of your daily routine. Serums and oils can be used on the entire face or may only be needed on specific points to address dry spots or discoloration. The best way to decide which to use is to read the benefits of each item carefully in the product description pages on our website or contact a Brown Barn Botanicals Customer Care specialist by emailing questions to

Switch to Heavier Oils and Cream Based Moisturizer

Just as we pull on coats, mittens, and hats to protect ourselves from cold weather we can protect our skin with heavier oils and moisturizers.

Winter Forest 1080If you already use oil now is the perfect time to switch over to an Olive Oil based such as Winter Forest Facial Oil or Elder & Calendula Facial Oil.

Add a heavier cream based moisturizer or replace your lighter moisturizer with cream. Brown Barn Botanicals new Rose Hip & Shea Age Defying Complex Creme and Arctic Bloom Eye Creme are perfect for this. Depending on your skin’s needs you can opt for heavier cream moisturizers at night or use morning and night.

arctic bloom 7e (1 of 1)

Arctic Bloom Eye Creme is made with an advanced new biologic Glyco Protein that works to protect skin cells against damaging extreme cold by enveloping cells in a protective barrier. Arctic Bloom Eye Creme is perfect for those how live in extreme climates, such as Northern Wisconsin, where winter temps can wreak havoc on exposed tender eye areas.

Accept Your Skin Seasons:

As the seasons shift from one to another we celebrate the opportunity for the change and growth each season brings. Your skincare routine, regardless of how simple or complex, affords you a moment of peace each day in which to revel in treating yourself well.

leaves and grass covered with hoarfrostJust as we embrace the divergent beauty of changing seasons, we need to learn to embrace the changes to our skin as we age and grow from one season in our life to the next. While we do all we can to slow the effects of time in order to enjoy each season fully, we must recognize the beauty that is redefined with each season. We must embrace, accept and even celebrate each and every small line time etches on our face. These lines represent age and wisdom, growth and change, time and experience.

So with the changing seasons, let’s lift our faces to the sun, breathe deeply and smile…enjoying the knowledge that we are young at heart, committed to aging healthily and gracefully, and recognize the beauty of the season we are in.


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