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Oiling Your Hair

Hair and ScalpEnvironmental stress, hair products, brushing, and chemical based shampoos can leave hair dull and your scalp stressed. Applying oil to hair and scalp can help repair dry, over-processed hair and flaking scalp issues. Oil can also make hair stronger, softer and shinier.

Brown Barn Botanicals Body Oil has a variety of uses and benefits, one of them being that it works great for use as a hair oil. The custom oil blend in our Body Oils includes Sunflower, Olive, and Apricot Kernel oil. All of these oils are rich in super emollient fatty acids and vitamins and contain an abundance of healthy herbal infusions from our own farm, making Brown Barn’s botanical Body Oils ideal for use on scalp and hair.

MeadowSunriseBodyOilWe especially recommend:

  • Violet Moon, made with pure Lavender essential oil to moisturize and balance scalp. It can also help improve circulation and hair growth. Great for all hair types.
  • Woodland Blossom with Ylang Ylang and Bergamot. Ylang Ylang essential oil stimulates sebaceous glands and increases sebum production to moisturize scalp and hair. Bergamot serves to tame frizzy hair and stray strands. Antioxidant rich Bergamot will help restore shine.
  • Meadow Sunrise made with Clary Sage and Tangerine essential oils to improve circulation and rejuvenate roots for bouncier hair. Clary Sage helps to regulates oil production and controls dandruff.
  • Glacial Drift is unscented for those who prefer a simple oil with no added essential oils or to add their own.

Glow1080Oiling Your Hair:

  1. Comb thru hair to remove tangles.
  2. Pour 1 tsp of oil into the palm of hands. Rub hands together to disperse oil.
  3. Using fingertips, work oil into scalp.
  4. Use a massaging motion to work the oil in and stimulate the scalp.
  5. Be sure to cover the entire scalp area, including back of head, above the neck and behind the ears.
  6. For long hair run hands along the length of hair in sections to apply.

This treatment can be used as often as needed. Oiling your scalp also leaves bald and balding scalps looking clean and fresh!

I prefer to use hair oil in the evening, placing a towel on my pillow at night to avoid staining my pillowcase. Then I follow up with Brown Barn’s all natural shampoo and conditioner in the morning.

Brown Barn’s botanical Body Oils are 100% natural and made without chemicals, preservatives, or emulsifiers making for a safe, super healthy treat for you and your hair. And of course, our body oils have a multitude of other uses including for as bath oil, body oil, cuticle treatment, massage, foot soaks, and for keeping hands looking tip-top.


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