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Après Sun Skin Care Tips


We grab every second of sunshine we can here in north-central Wisconsin because our seasons are short and winter is long. Catching up on winter-lost vitamin D and lifting our spirits with a dose of sunshine and warm weather play is wonderful for the soul but not so much for our skin.

Here are our best tips for skin soothing follow-up after a day in the sun:

1. Drink your water! Carry a water bottle with you constantly. Once home drink more water, tea, or herb-infused water. Avoid caffeine and alcohol after sun as they tend to be dehydrating.

2. End your day with a cool shower or bath to bring your skin temperature gently down and prepare for skin care follow-up. Sun, chlorine, and sweating all work to dehydrate our skin. We know that hydrated skin is plumper and younger looking so replenishing lost water from heat and sun is essential, bathing helps to hydrate from the outside-in.

3. Wash the dust, pollution, chlorine, sea salt off your body and face with good quality, chemical free body wash, bar soap and facial cleanser as soon as you come in.

4. Soothe sun parched lips with a hydrating lip oil in the evening. Use lip products with sunscreen before going outside but once indoors for the day switch to deeply nourishing lip oils. Be sure to wash your lips before applying so as to remove any remaining blocking wax. Wax creates a layer on your skin that blocks nourishing oils from doing their job. Brown Barn carries a full line of Berry Lip Oils that work great for re-hydrating and nourishing parched lips.

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Shop Brown Barn Botanicals new line of 100% Natural Berry Flavored Lip Oils made with Castor, Hazelnut, Jojoba, Raspberry Seed, Sunflower Seed Oils and Natural Flavors.

Blue Tansy Duo 1W 10805. Moisturize with either nourishing skin oils or opt for facial cremes with ingredients that attract moisture to the skin. The natural Hyaluronic Acid found in Brown Barn’s Arctic Bloom Eye Creme and Rose Hip & Shea Age Defying Complex Creme. Facial Oils make for fabulous alternatives to traditional cremes. Light and highly nourishing, they sink in deeply to replenish and soothe.

We recommend blending facial oil with quality sunscreen  before going outdoors, use face oils neat once your day in the sun is over. One oil we are especially excited about is Brown Barn’s Blue Tansy Facial Complex.  This oil, featuring Blue Tansy, works to help skin recover from sunburns and it also helps to soothe insect bites. Be sure to also check out Brown Barn’s Three Leaf whole leaf skincare family for the highest quality oils and organic oil formulations on the market.

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sized_for_web26. For the best body hydration we recommend using sunscreen in the day and body oil or deeply nourishing body lotion in the evening. Or blend the two for the perfect combo for your personal needs!

If your skin is especially dry opt for a sugar scrub to use in the shower or tub first. Brown Barn’s sugar scrubs are incredible emulsified scrubs made with a rich professional oil complex and beautifully scented in a variety of natural and phthalate free fragrances to leave your skin hydrated and glowing.

Pat dry after exiting the tub and follow up with body oil (can be applied to damp or wet skin to lock in even more moisture) or a high quality body lotion.

Brown Barn’s body oils and body lotions include an extra boost of nourishing botanical infusions to help heal and protect skin.

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Maintaining a healthy glow all summer long is easy with the right tools and a workable system. Be sure to check out all of Brown Barn’s healthy skincare products at!

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  1. Thank you for sending Healthy Glow. I need all the direction I can get to help deter my aging skin. I love every single product I have bought. All the commitment ,effort and love you put into your products is evident when using them. Thank you!


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