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Summer Skin Care – Morning vs. Night

Hair and Scalp

“Use AM and PM.” We see it on many of the directions of our skin care products, including Brown Barn products. That’s because most of our products are great for use AM and PM!

But should you use the same products in the morning as you use at night? Yes…or No. It depends. (I know this is not the answer you wanted to hear!) It’s not a simple question for several reasons.

  1. Our skincare needs change from season to season – light, heat, cold, wind – it all plays a part in our unique skin care needs.
  2. Where you live/work plays a significant role in your skin care needs – do you live in the city where skin is exposed to more environmental pollution? do you work out of doors all day? do you wear make-up every day?
  3. Skincare needs change depending on the activities you have planned for the day. Are you planning on staying indoors all day? or have you planned a day on the boat?

With all these factors to consider, how do you know which products to use when?


For a Summer Day you should focus on hydrating and holding moisture to your skin throughout the day. As always, drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and glowing.


Hydrating Botanic Elixir – Spritz on Botanic Elixir immediately after cleansing with your favorite cleanser as a toner and a moisturizer in one step. It is made with natural Hyaluronic Acid which works to attract and surround cells with water by holding water to cells. It’s also made with Apple and Flower waters to support cell regeneration.

Tips: We recommend carrying a bottle of Botanic Elixir in your bag for a quick cooling moisturizing spritz throughout hot summer days. It also works great for setting make-up and can be spritzed lightly over make-up throughout the day for a refreshing boost!


Arctic Bloom Eye Crème – Dab on a touch of Eye Crème for daytime eye moisturizing. Again, this product contains Hyaluronic Acid which draws water to your cells and helps keep the eye area plumped with a youthful glow.Rosehip Shea Creme 2E

Rose Hip & Shea Age Defying Complex Crème – This is a beautiful, thick Crème moisturizer that sinks in quickly and deeply for an elegant and silky smooth finish. Again, this product includes added natural Hyaluronic Acid to draw and hold moisture to your skin cells all day long.

Consider: Dry Face Oil. Face Oils come in a huge array of options and formulas. For daytime we recommend using a “dry” face oil. Dry oils are oils that sink in quickly and deeply within a few minutes of application, they typically do not leave an oily or “slick” look to your face.

Brown Barn’s Three Leaf Beauty line carries two fabulous “dry” day oils made with organic seed oils, hand cultivated botanic infusions from our own farm, and therapeutic grade organic essential oils. Check out “Nourish” and “Morning” in Three Leaf Beauty’s family.

These can be used in place of or in addition to Creme moisturizers. Another fantastic option is to skip the Creme moisturizer and add a few drops of Face Oil to your SPF Sunscreen to apply to your face for a day in the sun. This way you will get a) sunscreen and b) nourishing moisture. (Note: Face Oils do not include Hyaluronic Acid so will not give the same moisture draw or plumping effect as Creme.)

Tips:  If you are spending the day outdoors add a dab of high quality SPF Sunscreen to your moisturizers by mixing on your fingertips before applying to ensure sun protection. We recommend opting for cremes during the day in Summer if you are concerned with excess oil or an oily look.


At night you can opt to use the same products as during the day but also add or switch out for products that will remove any daily pollution and more deeply moisturize.

For Summer we especially like:


WillowIrisCleanser1080CMYKGentle Purifying Cleanser – At the end of a day where we’ve been out and about, in the city, or working outside we especially like to end with Brown Barn’s Gentle Purifying Cleanser. This cleanser is a low foaming facial cleanser that was specifically designed to remove and battle the effects of environmental pollution.

Consider: Double Cleansing. Double cleansing is partnering two complimentary cleansers for a deeply purifying and cleansing treatment. We recommend starting with Tea Tree & Rosemary Facial Cleansing Bar to help remove make-up and loosen debris. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with Gentle Purifying Cleanser to soothe and purify your skin of any remaining toxins. If you’d like to boost your cleansing routine to include exfoliation, cocktail a bit of Gentle Purifying Cleanser with Neroli & Maple Resurfacing Mask, slather on face, leave on for 10 minutes. Wipe clean. (Note: Neroli & Maple includes AHA/BHA’s. Use in the evening and allow 12 hours before heading out into hot sun.)


Evening is the time where adding boosters such as botanic serums and face oils to your moisturizing routine is most appropriate. Our favorites include:

Three Leaf Eye Rejuvenating Treatment – Designed to combat environmental damage and resulting aging effects.

Eye Serum Sea BuckthornSea Buckthorn Contouring Eye Serum – A concentrated, soothing and contouring all natural eye treatment. Relieves puffiness and dark circles while smoothing fine lines and crow’s feet. This concentrated botanic mask leaves the eye area with a matte finish, looking smooth and refreshed.

Three Leaf Night Moisturizing Oil – Made with heavier oils that work as you sleep to repair damage and deeply nourish for a youthful morning glow.

As we mentioned, all our products are good for day and night. Adding in a different serum in the evening such as Brown Barn’s Cranberry & Honey Brightening Serum or Neroli & Maple Resurfacing Mask is a great way to end your day and keep your skin happy, healthy, and radiant.

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