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Glow Brightly all Season with our Best Winter Weather and Travel Skincare Tips.

Looking your brightest during the Holidays can be a challenge, especially when you are hosting a crowd or traveling. Get our best tips for keeping the Glow going whether staying home or traveling thru the Holidays and beyond.


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Though you may want to simply drop into bed after a busy day of shopping or travel don’t skip the Cleanser. From coat collars and scarves that touch your face to itching your nose while baking, at this time of year skin is exposed to more impurities than any other time.

Whisk away impurities and remove make-up at night and start with a fresh palette in the morning with Brown Barn Botanicals all natural Willow & Iris Gentle Purifying Cleanser. This low-foam Cleanser is designed to address environmental pollution, such as touching your face after handling money or being exposed to city smog, while botanical infused organic Olive Oil works to soothe and hydrate.

If you wear make-up regularly or just need a cleansing boost opt to add our new Botanic Pre Cleanse Elixir. Botanic Pre Cleanse Elixir safely dissolves excess sebum (oil), make-up, and product build-up. Pre Cleansing prepares skin for Brown Barn Botanical’s Willow & Iris Cleanser by loosening debris, paving the way for Brown Barn Botanicals Willow & Iris Cleanser to penetrate more deeply for a more thorough cleanse. A more thorough cleanse means all your wonderful oils and cremes can sink in more deeply to be more effective.

Tip: Boost Your Glow

Give your Glow a boost by layering Brown Barn Botanicals Neroli & Maple Resurfacing Mask over Cleanser. Leave on for 15 minutes, rinse off. This is a great pick-me-up after a long flight or busy shopping day.

cleanser plus mask 1200x600
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Rosehip Shea Creme 2E
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Indoor heating and harsh winds can wreak havoc on your skin. Moisturizer is more important than ever if you live in a cold climate during Winter. While the Holidays are fun they can be stressful, which can take a toll on your skin. Be extra diligent about applying moisturizer and staying hydrated.

Drink plenty of water during the Winter to support your skin and apply moisturizer at least morning and night. At this time of year consider switching up to a cream based moisturizer. Try using Brown Barn Botanicals Rose Hip & Shea Age Defying Complex Creme morning and night.

If you’ve not added this super rich moisturizer to your routine now is the time to start. Natural Hyaluronic Acid added to this creme works to increase blood flow and to hold water to skin cells, battling the drying effects of Winter.

Tip: Layer your Moisturizer

Oil 1080x1080
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Add Face Oil to your routine morning and night for added protection. Brown Barn Botanicals Face Oil will sink in deeply to provide natural emollient properties and help to protect the outer layers of skin against drying elements.

Apply a few drops of Face Oil when you’ll be spending time out-of-doors for added protection against chafing winds and cold. Face Oils also bring important added nourishment to your skin. At this time of year Winter Forest Facial Oil is our most popular blend followed by Three Leaf Nourish Face Oil.

Boost your Glow with a final layer of moisture when applying make up by cocktailing moisturizer with make-up foundation. In the palm of your hand, add 2 drops Face Oil with 2 pumps Primrose & Oak Daily Defense Moisturizer to a your favorite foundation. Mix and apply with fingertips. You skin will stay hydrated and glowing!

Set your make-up with a finishing mist of Botanic Elixir liquid moisturizing mist to lock in and attract moisture to skin. Follow up with a refreshing spritz as needed throughout the day.

Botanic Elixir 1F
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Holiday Travel is extremely drying. Keep your skin hydrated and happy all day long with Brown Barn Botanicals Botanic Elixir liquid moisturizing mist. This super formulated botanic mist can be spritzed over make-up, making it a carry-on essential. Added natural Hyaluronic Acid will draw and retain water to skin cells for advanced hydration.

When flying I love to carry along my Botanic Elixir to spritz on just before entering the plane and as a mid-flight pick-me-up as cabin air can be so drying.

Spritzing Botanic Elixir or Aromatherapy Toner throughout the day is not just for travelers. Keep it on-hand in your office desk and at home for mid-day application every day all year long but especially once heating is turned on. A cooling mist can provide a great psychological boost as well. If you wear make-up opt for Botanic Elixir as it works to set make-up and does not smudge make-up.

Eye Care:

arctic bloom 7e (1 of 1)
Shop Arctic Bloom Restorative Eye Creme now.

Your eyes are the most exposed area of your body during the winter. While you can cover every other body part, even with sun glasses, eyes are still exposed. At Brown Barn, we live in northern Wisconsin, where wind chills can hit 40 degrees or more below zero. Tender eye areas really take a beating in this type of Winter weather.

For this reason, we formulated Arctic Bloom Eye Creme with an added naturally derived Antarctic glyco-protein. This protein goes to work to envelope tender eye skin cells so as to protect against the damage of freezing temperatures and drying winds.

Remember – when using Brown Barn products less is more. Just a tiny amount is all that is needed! Resist the urge to slather it one (even though you’ll want to because it feels so good).

Lip Care:

Shop Lip Oil now.

Lip Oil sinks in to nourish and protect. While wax based lip balms coat the outer lip, lip oil goes to work at a deeper level. If chapping occurs gently scrub with Sugar Lips Lip Scrub.

Tip: Tame Eyebrows

This may sound strange but try slicking lip oil on eyebrows to keep them tamed. Caster Oil in the lip oil will help to smooth and stimulate growth. To apply run the roller over your fingertip and smooth eyebrows with oil on your fingertip. If you apply the roller directly to your eyebrows you will have far more oil than you need (or will look good). This tip also works well using salve and face oil!

Travel Tips:

Brown Barn Skincare is packaged in 2 oz or less sized containers that comply with most carry-on regulations. Always check your airline carry-on rules prior to travel as they do change from time to time. Transfer to a smaller container if required.

Whether traveling by train, plane or automobile there are a few items we keep within reach when traveling:

  • Botanic Elixir for pick-me-up mists.
  • Face Oil to apply to face and hands. Face Oil also works on hair ends to combat static fly-aways.
  • Arctic bloom Eye Creme or Sea Buckthorn Eye Serum roll on to combat tired eyes.
  • Red Rose Salve to add a touch of color to cheeks and lips. This works great to brighten up after a long flight or car ride!
  • Lip Oil is must to keep on hand at all times.
  • Bottled Water to keep hydrated from the inside out.


Self-care is essential to feeling your best – and when you feel your best you give your best. Don’t ignore yourself. Take time for warm baths with lovely bath bombs or Body Shots and be sure to reach for lotionsugar scrub and body oil to keep your body healthy all Winter long. Diffuse soothing essential oil blends to help relax and sleep more deeply.

Above all, stay in the moment and enjoy every second!

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