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Deciphering Brown Barn Brands

Ten years ago we started out with one vision – to create and sell high quality, safe, handmade bath and body products that feature botanicals grown on our Wisconsin farm. Over the years Brown Barn has morphed into a brand warehouse with several unique product brands designed to meet the needs of the wide variety of customers who shop at Brown Barn.

We know understanding the umbrella of each brand can be confusing, especially if you are new to Brown Barn. With this in mind, we’ve put together a “brand” tutorial. As always, please feel free to reach out to for assistance in locating products that are perfect for you.

Brown Barn Botanicals – All natural, mid-price range. Includes skin care, bath & body, and hair care.

Brown Barn Botanicals is the “original” Brown Barn Company. This is the name we began with and continue to use for a wide range of products. Products labeled under “Brown Barn Botanicals” are considered our base product range. These are great, mid-priced products made in small batches from our own lab. Many of our long time customer favorites are found under the Brown Barn label.

Products in this line are designed for consumers who want a good, all natural product they can trust and that fits their pocketbook. They are not overly concerned with organic ingredients or in products that are particularly wide in their ingredient range, but these shoppers do want a safe, natural product that works for them.

Almost all Brown Barn Botanicals products include a plant infusion featuring flowers and herbs from our own Botanical Farm located in Abbotsford, Wisconsin.

Brown Barn products are available online at and at select retailers in Eau Claire, WI and Holcombe, WI. Please see our website for retailer information.

7 Day Glow – An all natural, highly formulated skin care line that consists of three unique products. This collection of three products is meant to replace traditional 10 piece skin care programs.

7 Day Glow is a brand new company that just launched in February, 2019. Products labeled under 7 Day Glow are designed for consumers who want exquisite formulating with cutting edge ingredient combinations that include advanced plant actives such as ceramides, collagen, and glycolics.

7 Day Glow’s ingredient formulation bridges the gap between simpler natural formulations and highly technical plant extractions such as stem cells and milk lipids. 7 Day Glow products include extensive ingredient lists – each with its own unique list. When all three products are used in combination they deliver up to 100 individual skin loving ingredients. This line features botanicals from our own Wisconsin botanical farm in its extracts.

7 Day Glow’s unique approach to skin care is grounded in biology. The line focuses on addressing its customers skin care needs based on their biology, lifestyle, and environment. Purchase of any product at 7 Day Glow includes free access to a wonderful online video course series led by 7 Day Glow founder/formulator, Alyssa Van Doorn. These classes also include useful free bonus downloads for customers to save and keep.

7 Day Glow is a separate company from Brown Barn Botanicals, but we are including it here as it was created by Alyssa Van Doorn, Brown Barn Botanical’s skin care formulator and because 7 Day Glow includes plant extracts from our own farm. Brown Barn customers will notice advertising for 7 Day Glow appears on our social media pages, website, and in customer emails.

7 Day Glow products and its low priced sampler set are only available online at

Three Leaf Beauty – All natural, farm grown, whole leaf skin care products.

Three Leaf represents the highest level of 100% natural, vegan, “slow beauty” products on the market. Three Leaf is the next level up from Brown Barn Botanicals in terms of formulating, botanical ingredient quality and processing.

Three Leaf Beauty products are designed for customers who want a fresh, purely natural product line made without any plant derivatives. The majority of ingredients in Three Leaf products are certified organic or are organic cultivated from our own Wisconsin botanical farm.

The Three Leaf formulating approach is to pair rich seed oils with fresh whole leaf botanicals that are hand picked at our own farm or sourced from some of the world’s best organic farmers. These infused extracts are then paired with beautiful and highly effective organic essential oil blends to create highly effective, targeted oil based skin care formulas.

The main focus of Three Leaf Beauty products is it’s line of absolutely beautiful and complex skin care oils. This line also includes a set of aromatherapy roll-ons and a few additional supplementary bath items.

Three Leaf products are available online at and

Nest + Honey Fragrant Apothecary – Phthalate free, body safe, fragranced bath & body products.

Nest+Honey was recently acquired by Brown Barn Botanicals! This is a small batch, Wisconsin apothecary that specializes in well made bath and body products including lotion, sugar scrub, bath bombs, and bar soaps.

Nest +Honey products are for consumers who want effective, well made bath and body products in body safe scents they love. Customers who purchase from Nest+Honey want all of the attributes of a 100% natural formula but with the benefit of popular fragrances that can only be achieved by using synthetic fragrances.

Because they value their health and product quality, these customers do not mind spending a little extra to get small batch quality and safe fragrances. This line also features botanical extracts from plants at our own Wisconsin farm.

As a new acquisition, Nest+Honey is currently undergoing an expansion of its fragrances and changes in the product sizes and offerings to better meet the desires of Brown Barn customers. Look for more scents, adorable gift box options, and more product options from Nest+Honey in coming months.

Nest + Honey products can be found online at A new website dedicated solely to Nest+Honey products is currently under construction.

Q & A – Working within the brands and what’s to come.

Why aren’t all of the various brand products sold on the Brown Barn website?

The decision as to which products are sold where is based on several factors including unique brand needs, company ownership, payment processing, and insurance. For example, 7 Day Glow products are only sold on the 7 Day Glow website because that line includes a free skin care class with purchase. Logistically, at this time the only way we can manage the extra steps it takes to set up new accounts for 7 Day Glow is to have all sales flow thru one sales channel. This company is also a completely separate company from Brown Barn, meaning it has its own insurance and financial requirements.

Can I use my Brown Barn customer reward points or coupons on the other Brown Barn brand websites?

Yes! (and no). Customer reward points can be transferred between the Brown Barn website and the Three Leaf Beauty website. They cannot be transferred to the 7 Day Glow website because, as previously mentioned, that is a completely separate company from Brown Barn. Three Leaf Beauty is also its own company but it has the same owner as Brown Barn, making it easy for us to work between the companies. If you’d like to transfer your Brown Barn customer reward points to the Three Leaf Beauty website just email us at and we’ll be happy to assist.

Why doesn’t Nest+Honey have its own website?

Nest+Honey was recently acquired by Brown Barn Botanicals and we are currently working on creating a website and social media pages for this brand. Nest+Honey is also undergoing a major brand revision that will hopefully allow the Brand to act as a stand-alone company. Our vision for Nest+Honey is for this brand to sell smaller sized bath & body products and to be a resource for gift boxes. Stay tuned on the Brown Barn social media pages or our website for updates.

What’s next?

Upcoming projects include developing a comprehensive and effective men’s skin care line, adding herbs for sale on the Three Leaf Beauty website, a new website dedicated solely to Nest+Honey Fragrant Apothecary, and designing a brand-based “portal” for the Brown Barn website that will make shopping by brand easier for our customers.

By developing a variety of brands to help our customers easily identify products, we hope we are able to meet the needs of Brown Barn’s very wide customer base. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions at We are here to help!

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