Neroli & Maple AHA/BHA Resurfacing Mask: One Product used Multiple Ways

Of all of our skincare products, our newly launched Neroli & Maple Resurfacing Mask stands out for having the widest variety of ways to use this product. Once you've determined the Neroli & Maple Mask is a good fit to your skin type and needs, you can start using it in more creative ways than simply a weekly mask. Learn how in this Brown Barn Blog!


From Family Farm to Agri-Beauty Business

As the generations grow outward and away from the family farm experience we must rethink the small family farm. Re"Vision" what that looks like. We need to find ways to make small farms relevant in the lives of today's consumer. Brown Barn Botanicals founder, Christine Untiedt, explains how Brown Barn became the next chapter in her family farming history.